RichNewThanks for checking out Calvary Chapel of Fullerton!  We are a church that believes the answers to life are in the Bible.  Together we study the Scriptures and seek to find how it applies to our lives.  I post all my study notes online each week and you can listen to the audio or watch the video of the messages.

We enjoy worshipping God through contemporary music.

We have a healthy, safe, Children’s Ministry where your kids will be cared for and taught about Jesus.

We sincerely hope you’ll consider seeing for yourself what God is doing here at Calvary Chapel of Fullerton.

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  • New Sheriff February 24, 2017
    One of the things Jesus was known to do from time to time was to cast demons out of people.  I imagine it was an amazing thing to watch.  Jesus spoke a word and the demonic being that was troubling some poor individual was gone.  A person’s life was dramatically changed.  A life that was […]
  • Still Guilty February 17, 2017
    “If someone sins and without knowing it violates any of the Lord’s commands concerning anything prohibited, he bears the consequences of his guilt. (Leviticus 5:17 HCSB) In the Law of Moses, there was a type of offering called the “sin offering” or “trespass offering”.  This offering was to be performed if you had done something […]
  • The Blessing in Patience February 10, 2017
    Moses and the Israelites had been in the very presence of God, and heard His voice proclaim the Ten Commandments. It was after this event that Moses went up to the mountain to receive more instructions from God.  A whole month passed and the people began to wonder what had happened to Moses.  They convinced […]
  • Pesky Tusken Raiders February 3, 2017
    The Amalekites had attacked Israel. The Amalekites were the “Tusken Raiders” of the Old Testament (Tusken Raider:  Star Wars’ “sand people” who tortured Anakin Skywalker’s mom).  Moses would later record that the Amalekites had attacked the folks in the rear, the stragglers, the tired and weary (Deut. 25:18).  The Amalekites were not nice people.  Moses […]
  • Hosanna January 27, 2017
    Talk about a change in the weather.  When Jesus came into the city of Jerusalem on Sunday, the crowds were excited, waving palm branches, cheering “Hosanna”, and calling Him their king. Yet by the following Friday, Jesus had been arrested, severely beaten, and was hanging on a cross taking His last gasps of air.  The […]