RichNewThanks for checking out Calvary Chapel of Fullerton!  We are a church that believes the answers to life are in the Bible.  Together we study the Scriptures and seek to find how it applies to our lives.  I post all my study notes online each week and you can listen to the audio or watch the video of the messages.

We enjoy worshipping God through contemporary music.

We have a healthy, safe, Children’s Ministry where your kids will be cared for and taught about Jesus.

We sincerely hope you’ll consider seeing for yourself what God is doing here at Calvary Chapel of Fullerton.

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Upcoming Events

Date Night

All couples are invited to join us on Friday night for a very brief devotional aimed at building up your relationship.  And then off you go on your own date!  Start the evening off on the right foot! It will all be very brief, so don’t show up late, or you’ll miss it! We will […]

Israel Trip!

We are going back to Israel this year!  November 9-20, 2015.  Click HERE for details.

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  • Recognition
    One of the leaders of the ultra-orthodox sect known as the Pharisees decided to invite Jesus to his house for dinner.  I imagine it was both a friendly gesture, as well as a risky one, since Jesus could say some difficult things.  Jesus didn’t seem to care that he offended people who took their religion […]
  • Uncomfortable
    It was one of those uncomfortable, “awkward” moments. A Pharisee named Simon had asked the new rabbi to come to his house and share a meal.  After they sat down to eat, an uninvited guest showed up.  Simon knew this woman had a reputation in town.  She was definitely not one of the “nice” people.  […]
  • Mirror, mirror
    When Bezalel was building the items that God told Moses to make for the Tabernacle, one of the items was a “laver”. Some modern depictions of the bronze laver look something like a large commercial coffee urn with multiple spigots. The laver was part of the process the priests would go through each time they […]

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