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At Calvary Chapel of Fullerton we are just a little bit reluctant to be using titles.  Some of the people listed are indeed fully ordained pastors.  Some of them have  been to college, some even to seminary.  Some are high school dropouts.  Some are full time paid staff.  Many are unpaid volunteers.  Some grew up as good kids.  Some were probably not that nice growing up.  All of them have found a new life in Jesus Christ.  All of them love the Lord.  We believe God has called together a unique, wonderful team of men and women who are here to serve the Lord.


Full Time Pastoral Staff






Caleb Beller
Senior Pastor / College/Career / Elder

  • Spouse: Kim
  • Children: Charis, Hope, Justice, Cruz
  • In Christ since: 1990
  • In Pastoral Ministry since: 2003
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 1995
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: “It’s the heart of discipleship, the heart of worship, and the love for Jesus”
  • Hobbies: Martial arts, ministry, missions
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Frozen yogurt.

Email Caleb at caleb@calvaryfullerton.org





Rich Cathers
Assistant Pastor / Elder

  • Spouse: Debby
  • Children: David, Daniel, Timothy
  • In Christ since: 1970
  • In Pastoral Ministry since: 1988
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 1994
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: I love the quality and depth of the folks that God has drawn to be a part of our church. I am completely humbled at the men and women I get to minister with.
  • Hobbies: Music, computers, baseball (Go Angels!), making videos
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Jamoca Almond Fudge

Rich’s Studies

Rich’s Blog

Rich’s Story

Travel Journals

Email Rich at rich@calvaryfullerton.org






Daniel Grant
Assistant Pastor / Sr. High / James Gang / Food Outreach

Spouse: Laura

  • Children: Gabriel, Ethan, Luke
  • In Christ since: 1987
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 2006
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: “The sincerity of love that we share, as the family of God”
  • Hobbies: Board -games, hiking, paintball, climbing, writing, reading and baking
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Moose tracks (with peanut butter cups – YUMMY!)

Email Daniel at daniel@calvaryfullerton.org



Office Staff




Hannah Stewart
Secretary, Emergency Prayer Chain

  • In Christ since: 2012
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 2019
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: “Everyone is genuinely loving and welcoming.”
  • Hobbies: Reading, art, puzzles
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Non-Dairy Butter Pecan



Ministry Leaders

(in alphabetical order)






Kim Beller
Women’s Ministry

  • SpouseCaleb
  • Children: Charis, Hope, Justice, Cruz
  • Rededicated to Christ since: 1998
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 2001
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: The way everyone is so welcoming and love to be real
  • Hobbies: Writing, running, studying, encouraging, and quality time with my family
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Moose Tracks





Chris Burroughs

Chris Burroughs

  • Spouse:  Nancy
  • Children:  Steven and Michael
  • In Christ since: 1981
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 1994
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: the teaching and worship, family and friends i have made. I love how the central focus of teaching is straight from the Bible. I also enjoy our pastors occasional attempts at humor ; )
  • Hobbies: Computers, games, movies
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip







Manuel Castro
Mexico Missions & Jr. High Director

  • Spouse: Jennifer
  • Children: Jaylene, Jeneice, Samuel
  • In Christ since: 2004
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 2004
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: the fellowship, my pastor
  • Hobbies: making t-shirts, drawing, jet ski
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Rocky Road







David Cathers
Ass’t Pastor / Worship Pastor

  • Spouse:  Sarah
  • Children: Ruth
  • In Christ since: 1992
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: it started
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: It’s my second home.
  • Hobbies: Guitar, baseball, video games, computers, and movies
  • Favorite Ice Cream: World Class Chocolate

Email David at david.cathers@calvaryfullerton.org








Sarah Cathers
Director of Children’s Ministry

  • Spouse:  David
  • Children: Ruth
  • In Christ since: 1999
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 2012
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: the feeling of community and the kiddos.  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming; I never really felt like “the new girl” for very long.  And the kiddos (of all ages) are so fun to be around – just seeing their love for the Lord makes my days better.
  • Hobbies: cross-stitching, watching movies, and drinking coffee.
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Baskin Robbins Jamoca (coffee flavor) with chocolate fudge drizzled on top.

Email Sarah at sarah.cathers@calvaryfullerton.org






David Chang

  • Spouse: Annabella
  • Children:  Three grown sons
  • In Christ since: 2004
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 2014
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: I really enjoy the fellowship, especially in the Men’s Bible Study, and the Men’s Retreat.
  • Hobbies: Golf, fishing, travel
  • Favorite Foods: Homemade BBQ, soups






Tom Franz
Ushers, Elder

  • Spouse: Kathy
  • Children: Jon, Danny, Tami, Ammi, Bryan
  • Grandkids: Kylee, Coby, Allysen, Miles, Noah and Wyatt
  • In Christ since: 2002
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 2004
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: Genuine people, true teachings and small congregation that needs Christ and seeks him. New people coming to Him.
  • Hobbies: Our dogs, gardening, good food
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Ice cream: Moose Tracks






Paul Johnson

  • Spouse: Emma
  • Children: Ryan, Codi, Emmita & Kayla
  • In Christ since: Fall of 1977
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: October, 1998
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: Teaching, Fellowship, Music
  • Hobbies: I play a little guitar
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Mmmmmmmmmmm – Ice cream!






Dan Looney
Assistant Pastor

  • Spouse: Joy
  • Children: Bob, Nora
  • Grandkids: Jack, Haley, Shane
  • In Christ since: 1970
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: October 2001
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: Jesus is the center.
  • Hobbies: Music and old cars
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Ribeye. Do they make ribeye flavored ice-cream? Wow 32 flavors.






Dave Ritner
Ass’t Pastor / Men’s Ministry

  • Spouse: Christy
  • In Christ since: Summer of 1971
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: Summer of 1996
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: CCF is a small church with lots of great members and plenty of room to grow.
  • Hobbies: Christian Apologetics, Riding ATV’s, Hiking
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Sorbet






Brandon Robertson
Audio Visual

  • Spouse: Genesis
  • In Christ since: 
  • At Calvary Fullerton since:
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton:
  • Hobbies:
  • Favorite Ice Cream:






Bill Schwimmer

  • Spouse: Lisa
  • Children: Genavieve & Isabella
  • In Christ since: 1993
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 1998
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: Rich’s teaching, the close knit family atmosphere
  • Hobbies: Volkswagons, bicycling
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Anything Lisa brings home






2016-05-27 19.33.19

Steve Silagi

  • Spouse: Pat
  • Children: Tara, Danielle
  • Puppy:  Sadie
  • In Christ since: 1996
  • At Calvary Fullerton since: 2012
  • Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: Pastor RIch’s teaching and the love and fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Hobbies: Baseball, cars, motorcycles
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Pistachio nut






Ron West
Convalescent Ministry

Spouse: Connie
Children: Jill, Julie
In Christ since: 1974
At Calvary Fullerton since: 2000
Favorite thing about Calvary Fullerton: the church is Spirit filled and the pastor knows the Word
Hobbies: Teaching about Catholicism, Motorcycles, 3D TV
Favorite Ice Cream: Banana split